Monday, July 6, 2009

Where to begin.

Well, supposedly, there are people out there that are mildly interested in the things I have to say. Oddly enough, Twitter doesn't allow for my brain vomit to fully expose my innermost self as much as this medium. So here I am. Yes, there is an adult warning, and anyone that has chatted with me can tell you that I am a downright asshole with little tact. I tend to think a wee bit differently from the rest of you, which often results in my being probationed or banned elsewhere. Guess what? nobody can ban or even MOD my posts here. I will use this place to not get in trouble at woot or keep poor MJ from having a nervous breakdown on the Fury. Well, this will also be a wonderful place to post things longer than 140 characters. Expect to see frequent tirades filled with sarcastic racism and tyrannical fantasies. Srsly. I would also expect just a few too many lolcats. I am quite certain I will offend every single one of you at some point. Strangely enough, I don't care. If you don't mind being belittled and/or abused, please follow along in the merry world I create. kthx.

In conclusion, here's our first lol.


  1. I have never been offended by you. So just try me.

  2. "Brain vomit" ... that's good.

    Bring it on.