Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All Hail The King of America

I got this sent to me in an email and felt it was worth sharing. When did Americans become such pussies? I mean, I know my "political beliefs" don't coincide with very many people, but holy fuck they USED TO. Every time I post anything remotely political on Twitter, I get followed instantly by a slew of Conservative sites. Sometimes I follow them back, and it's true I've found a few people on my own, but when did the Republican Party get infiltrated by such non-Conservative representatives? There seem to be a lot of people that think I'm Libertarian as well. OK that's closer, but I'm so not into pot heads. I've looked into a ton of those 3rd party groups actually, and none of them really fit. Where is the Live and Let Live party? Where's the I'll Leave You Alone Unless You Bother Me party?

I do love that The Messiah's affair with America is waning so quickly. It's slightly reassuring that people are beginning to see through his thinly veiled plans. Too bad there's nothing they can or will do about it. Personally, I hope he fucks things up SO badly Americans will be forced to reevaluate how they put people in office. The thing I want MOST for America at this point is for everyone to think to themselves how little they really remember about the Constitution. Did you know there are schools now that don't require kids to learn anything about civics? What the FUCK is that about? Jay Leno can walk around and find "anyman" on the street that grew up right here and knows nothing about any of the people in the current government or how the government works. WHAT? This is not a feudal system people. The President is not the end-all decision maker. (No matter what Bush may have told you) We live under a democracy. That means you can choose who works for you. That means that you ought to investigate the person asking for your vote past what a great orator they are. It truly astonishes me that BHO came out of Chicago, which is well known for it's corruption to people even outside of the state, and just automatically assume he's legit because he SAYS he is. Don't any of you find it remarkable that just about everyone he nominates to any position turns out to be corrupt? Is it not ODD to you that as he finds people tolerating his cabinet proposals less and less, he simply adds more czars? If the Congress says he is out of line, he draws a new one. that's not part of the Constitution people. Srsly. This man is going to suck the life out of America just as long as we let him, I HOPE that the administration CHANGES in 4 years rather than 8. In 4 years time, he shouldn't be able to demolish too much of our way of life in a way that is irreversible. Making everyone poor so there are no poor people is not how life works. If he IS able to change too much, I fear a large number of Ruby Ridge type scenarios will go down soon after. I know my ass will be living far away in some cabin trying to be all self-sufficient long before it gets out of hand. I want no part of it. I don't want anyone else paying my way and I sure as fuck don't intend to pay for anyone else.

Guess that makes me a target. Not that I care. Your Gestapo doesn't scare me, I'll think how I want. According to your new list of people to watch out for, we are covered by nearly every line. That's fine. I consider myself a Patriot. I was raised in the atmosphere of fighting for America from ALL threats, both foreign and DOMESTIC. Sure I'll render to Caesar his due, but I'm not for one minute going to stand by and be silent while you ruin the greatest country that ever was. I'll tell all 12 of my followers exactly what I think, and most of them will disagree. The shepherd that misleads his flock has earned the worst curses for himself.

Enjoy your forever then.

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