Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Firewalls Are Made Of Satan

OK so we spend a leisurely few moments reconfiguring that blasted wireless router so poor Billy can has types again. Simple.


Not so much.

Firewalls hate the AIM. OK, no biggie. Turn off that one cause those other two will be just fine. (I'm entirely too paranoid, I know.) Still massive AIMfail. Cry. Get headache. Start all over. Reconfigure firewall settings. Fail. Turn off the fucking thing again. Closer. Nope just kidding. Sigh. Drink chocolate milk to ease the heartburn coming. Pour through all files in the computer to see what firewall exactly is causing such distress. Windows firewall had been re-instated by default when I turned another one off. DOH! But... But... I ALREADY HAD FIREWALLS ON WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME. Stab windows firewall in the chest. Make it beg me to reconsider. Murder it anyway. All returns to normalcy. Blog about it. Watch people laugh at me. Get revenge later.


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