Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Arguing With Irrational People is Fun!

Hi everyone, sorry for such a long delay since my last brain vomit and all, guess I had nothing to say longer than a tweet for a while.

So, I'm writing a post for dear melbel. Cause she's SPECIAL. Oh wait, was that OFFENSIVE? Damn. Look at me. I'm such a fucking prick.


Somehow I never get sick of toying with the people that just cannot seem to grasp the concept of "life" online. No matter how many times people send out spam emails full of viruses, someone is stupid enough to open it. No matter how clearly you explain something, someone is always stupid enough to misinterpret it. Oh, and think EVERYONE else that gets it is wrong instead of the rational decision most people can make that maybe they are the one that is mistaken. There is always someone willing to click that link thinking they are the millionth visitor to some page. There is always someone correcting grammar when it was incorrect on purpose. There is always someone that doesn't "get" lolcats. If you don't know how the Internet works, you should leave it. Let's make it simple shall we? If you venture out to another country where the customs and language are not your own... the decent person learns the ways of the country or goes home, never to return. STOP BEING A MEXICAN IN THE CALIFORNIA THAT IS TEEFURY.


just in case you were not offended yet: