Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh Hey! I have this blog and shit.

So, like, I entirely stopped giving a fuck about writing a blog or interacting with anyone for a while. Ok a year. Whatever. I'm still not convinced that I ought to return to the grid of humanity I formerly occupied. Only time will tell.

I'm guessing my inner Tyler Durden left me after Atombomb (my happy husband to those that don't know me) stopped getting any work. I've really stopped giving a shit about much and i certainly couldn't afford tee shirts for the past year. Lately though, I have felt the urge to offend, troll, fight, and generally cause mayhem for no reason, so I presume my zen is nearly intact again.

I'm not going to waste my time catching us all up on my thoughts of everything for the past year, but I'll drop in a few lines to cover the basics.
1. Dear EVERYONE THAT VOTED FOR OBAMA: I told you so. Dumbass.
2. Being ill sucks.
3. If I were Donald Trump, I would just buy the entirety of America while property values are in the shit-can.
4. Id like to have global warming back. Where did that shit go?
AND5. Husbands stuck at home for months on end are terrible house guests. How EXACTLY does one forget to clean up after themselves and become progressively less productive so quickly?


I suppose that concludes this edition of brain vomit. I'm mildly apologetic to those that pretended to miss me. Mayhaps I'll even visit here again soon. Until then, I'll be planting crops on the facebook.