Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh Sarah, why do you treat us thus

So why is it that everyone cares so deeply for what Sarah Palin does? I mean holy shit, she hasn't done anything out of the ordinary by quitting, not just for herself mind you, but... and you won't believe me, but honest.... other politicians have quit their job before. Does no one remember she resigned when she wasn't getting her way with the oil companies? She quit and went and got herself a job where she could follow that path again. This is so characteristically NORMAL for her, and yet it's still causing mass chaos. For why plz? It's doesn't matter why any of these media people speculate she quit. It's clearly obvious that she quit because people were standing in her way on that path so SHE IS MAKING A NEW ONE. Personally, I hope she is joining some uber-patriot guerrilla squadron hell bent on a coup. That would be the most entertaining thing to happen in politics since Ole Hickory decided to have a party at the White House. Someone get some cameras on those windows, we don't want to miss it when the Messiah has to run for cover from someone in lipstick brandishing a seal club.

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