Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stop Taking Life So Srsly. Srsly.

After spending the last day or so lolcatting up the fury for no reason other than my own amusement, I have determined a few things. First of all, it has occurred to me just how easy it really is to pick out the people that are honestly insane from those of us that enjoy pretending. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. It's really not about proving one's point to unknowledgeable oafs. Most people learn on some level that changing the world isn't about forcing everyone to think like you do. Some people just cannot or will not accept that mind control is truly impossible. Every nation that has attempted such a thing has not only failed, but become infamous for being drastically wrong in theory. So why is it that we find what seem to be perfectly reasonable people that are so astonishingly narrow minded they rigidly oppose any thinking other than their own? Sure it's OK to think someone a complete dumb ass for disagreeing with you, and its OK to voice it too. What troubles me is the incapacity to see that you are not a god and therefore will not make them see what you see? Rational people explain themselves, even show others why their side is the right side of the fence. They don't get stymied by someone continuing to disagree. Tonight, for instance, every person on the thread was trying on some level to be funny, save one.
(For those of you that think this is in response to dear Adder, well we all know he is irrational sometimes. That's not news, nor does he trouble me cause he can be funny about it. Besides, I'm pretty sure that sometimes he is faking it.)
It's not just the fury, it's something I've noticed is way to prevalent on the Internets. Another for instance: people that believe in a god get mocked for it pretty commonly online. People that believe in a god live an AVERAGE of 8 years longer than those of no faith. Whether "god" is true or not, I would THINK self preservation is smarter than not? I mean, don't get me wrong, I AM after all an Anarchist. I fully believe that strength would be better found in survival of the fittest, not in banding together to take care of the weak. Which brings me back to my point. When did humans become so redundant and retardedly lame? Lolcats are funny. Period. I have so fucking many of them I could hold entire conversations without typing a thing. Some people really hate them. They get so mad when I post tons of them. RATIONALITY says you would stop looking at them. Nobody does that. They get heartburn instead. That's just insane.
Does rambling aimlessly make me insane? Certainly not. I makes me an asshole that refuses to make things easier to comprehend just because I didn't feel like editing.

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