Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kids are fun.

My kids say some of the coolest shit I've ever heard, but most of it I wouldn't share since I'm sure some douche bag cunt would report me to children's services or something. Why is it that American people have decided to utterly pussify their kids? All of them now have to feel equal, no matter their actual value. Parents allow their kids to do anything they please, but don't believe they had anything to do with it when their kid becomes a total fuck-up. One of the most important things my mom ever said to me was to "pick your battles". When i was younger that came in handy, as I embattled way too many people :) but as I became a parent, it was GOLD. Do I care what my son does to his hair? No. That shit grows and he will have to deal with the public repercussions if he looks like an ass. Do I care that he draws all over himself? Nope, that's a precursor to a good career, who cares what other adults think he looks like. Is he getting a tattoo? Sure. In no less than 5 years, he can even decide what he wants to have guilt free. It's his fucking skin. Will my son talk rudely to someone older than he? Nope, not a chance. He knows I'd kill him for starters, but more importantly he knows WHY he ought to give people with a few years on him some respect. They know more shit than he, and they will tell him things if he isn't a tard. Sure he swears at home... have you read the way I type?... but he knows where and when it's appropriate. Most parents lament their kids getting information from the wrong places and experimenting with stupid things. You know, I just don't worry about that shit. My son talks to me. Way too much actually. He knows the life Billy and I led, and he also sees that the little twats his age and even older don't know or do half the things we did at that age. He knows I'll likely have better information on a given subject so why rely on them? What's pitiful in my mind is how few parents bother to give their kids the inside info that would catapult them ahead of their peers. They don't want them to know about the BAD stuff they did. Knowledge and experience are useless if left unshared. You want your kids to succeed in a system set to make them average? YOU are gonna have to give them the edge. Tell them that everyone getting trophies is lame. you know it is, but you smile and tell them they are great. I tell my son he sucked. Then I tell him where he went wrong. Then he does better the next time. It's not about embarrassing them, it's about building a stronger person. "If you don't practice your violin, you will sound like shit" works a lot better than "awwwww poor thing, they just don't know your potential" what horseshit. Remember how Tom and Jerry tried to mutilate each other constantly? Did that cause anyone to do that shit to their peers? Nope. Competition means the best gets that hot pussy(cat) at the end of the show. Now we have Spongebob blowing fucking bubbles to a friend that is funnier and liked more when he is being stupid and/or angry than any other time. Brilliant.

In conclusion: My kid can kick your honor student's ass.


  1. A-effing-Men.

    Sounds like your kids and our kids are gonna turn out alright!!

  2. I agree with you. When I was a kid, if you weren't good enough, you didn't get on the team, or whatever. My dad always told me I sucked in his own way (even if I got a B), he made it known I could have done better. He made me strive to do better. Of course, he did it in a way that made me resent him because he never told me I did good, so it needs to be balanced with positive feedback. But this current thinking of everybody makes the team and everybody is good is bullshit. I also grew up with those violent cartoons and I haven't killed anybody.....yet LOL.

  3. Haha enjoyed reading this.